Voiced by TTS Voice Brian
Friends Theory T, Warren Fans, videogamenerd1000, Bad users and others, Tyrone
Enemies Robbie, Good Users, Warren Haters
Likes Anything made by Disney, Fake VHS Openings, Fans, Grounded videos out of his haters, Baby shows, Disney Channel, Movie remakes
Dislikes Anything not made by disney, GoAnimate, Warren Haters, Non-Baby Shows,
Status Alive


Warren Cook


Warren James Cook, more commonly known as Warren Cook or just Warren, is a YouTuber known for uploading fake VHS openings and one of the main antagonists within GoAnimate. He also dislikes anything not made by Disney, thus he likes baby shows made by Disney and dislikes ones not made by Disney, thus he is a huge fan of Disney.


  • Hypnotize people to be addicted to Disney.
  • Turn his teacher into General Mishka and other dragonoids.


  • He is the most hated character in the GoAnimate series.
  • Warren has made 717 fake VHS openings in his short life.
  • Warren shares a few similarities with Dora.
    • Both make fake VHS openings for fun.
    • Both are Antagonists.
    • Both like baby shows, in this case Warren likes Disney and Dora likes Nick Jr.
      • He also likes Paul Bernardo.
  • In Warren Cook Gets Grounded S1E1, Warren's full name is revealed as Warren James Cook.
  • Warren has made an appearance in Tigrus879's GoAnimate Adventures series.
  • A GoAnimate user (The Original Amy Roll) decided to wage war against Warren. She urged her fans to join and fight against him.