Character List Edit



Igor the Mii-Paul


momogowi-Young Guy

Transcript Edit

[Warren]: Oh my I am oh so very bored...Maybe because I get grounded all the time! Hey, I know! I will go to Vestal City.


(Use the anime themed scenes if you need to for vestal city)

[Warren]: Wow! I'm really in Vestal CIty! That trip took forever, and now I'm hungry. I think I will go get a Vestal Meal with blue soda at the Vestal City McDonalds.

(Back at Warren's House)

[Alan]: Warren hasn't made any fake VHS openings today, something is really off!

(Show Igor and LouieLouie95 at Igor's House.)

[Igor]: Louie I'm bored, maybe we should see what's on YouTube?

[LouieLouie95]: Oh yes, do that because it reminds me! (Igor has shocked face) We need to check to see if Warren made more fake VHS openings!

[Igor]: I remember now! Let's See!

(4 Seconds Pass)

[Igor]: Ok, Warren, Cook, Real VHS.

(7 Seconds Pass)

(Louie and Igor suprised look)

[Louie]: I can not beleive this, Warren has not made a fake VHS opening today!

(5 Seconds Pass)

(Igor and Louie have shocked face)

[Igor]: WAIT! That's not right! He always makes one every day! Something is very wrong with this picture!

[Louie]: Now that you mention's like he's...not here!

(Louie gets on his phone and calls Momogowi)

[Louie]: Momogowi (momo go wee) I need to tell you something, well first off this is LouieLouie95, not to be confused with your Eric Smith character!

[Momogowi]: Why hello there LouieLouie95! Anyway's you wanted to tell me what?

[Louie]: Igor the Mii and I have this prediction, we think Warren is not here and he might be some where else!

[Momogowi]: WHAT!? We have to track him down! I am coming over now! I'll be there in 14 minutes.

[Louie]: Alright, thanks again! Bye.

(Louie hangs phone up)

[Igor]: You think Warren wanted to go to Disney World again?

[Louie]: No he did that yesterday.

[Igor]: I KNOW! Let's check vestal city! To the space ship!

[Louie]: Igor and Momogowi, we are going to track Warren down at Vestal City!!!!!!

[Speaker Voice]: Hello! I'm Diesel. I will be your speaker for today! Where would you like to go?

[Igor]: Vestal City!

[Speaker Voice]: OK! You choosed Vestal City. The track down starts in... 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1.... Blast off to Vestal City!!!!!!

(20 Minutes Later...)

[Speaker Voice]: Now boarding... Vestal City!

[Louie]: Let's go track down Warren!

[Louie, Igor and Momogowi]: YEAH!!!!

(When Louie, Igor and Momogowi got to Warren...)

[Warren]: Yes! I bought Disney Infinity for the Wii!

[Warren]: Oh f***ing-d*** it!

[Louie, Igor and Momogowi]: Warren! How dare you go to Vestal City while grounded! What else did you did?

[Warren]: I bought Disney Infinity for the Wii!

[Louie, Igor and Momogowi]: Warren! How dare you also bought Disney Infinity for the Wii! That's it! We are returning back to your house!

(666 Minutes Later...)

[Alan]: Warren! How dare you went to Vestal City and bought Disney Infinity for the Wii! That's it! You're grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for triple humanity!

[Warren]: F*** you dad! I wish you were f****** dead!

[Alan]: Warren! How dare you wish me dead! That's it! I'm throwing a tantrum by farting on you!

(Alan sits on Warren's head and farts on him)

[Alan]: Now I'm going to bodyslam you!

(Alan grabs Warren's belly and bodyslams him)

[Alan]: I challenge you to a wrestling match at the L.A Sports Center on Friday Augest 8th at 6pm!

[Warren]: Yes!

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