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This is how he appears as a Comedy World character in Tigrus879 and Igor's videos (trough the shirt color and haircut changes.)

Igor the Mii is a 13-years old male mii where he is friends with Sophie the Otter and others.

Likes: anything cancerous, Pokémon, Nintendo, GoAnimate

Dislikes: baby shows

His Story Edit

Igor is only a simple mii boy, which he enjoys gaming.

He Has a Youtube Channel. simply google "Youtube Igor the mii".

He DISLIKES Console Wars because it causes gamers to Fight each other.

Igor seems to Have a crush on Shauna from Pokémon X and Y. he has a Twitter. Beware, He hates anti-gaming!

180px-Igorthemii (1)

Photo of How Igor the Mii looks like normally.