About Edit

Grounded videos are GoAnimate videos about a troublemaker getting grounded for 45787635654397 eras. It is a famous type of videos on GoAnimate. Most people use GoAnimate to make cancerous grounded videos. 

The Troublemakers Edit

Most people use Eric and Brian as their troublemakers

The March 2014 Grounded Video Warning Edit

On March 18, 2014, Dan The Handsome warned people that making grounded videos out of users is cyberbullying and it violates the Terms of Use. Many people thought that they needed to delete their grounded videos but that only meant videos out of users.

Why Ground Them? Edit

Bad luck, going to the movies without permission, getting in dead meat, getting held back, for nothing, singing a song they're not supposed to sing, watching a movie/show they're not supposed to watch, mis-behaving at dinner, pooping on the school staff members, cursing, talking back, killing TV characters (Sometimes...).

Jusice Edit

Grounded videos are criticized by many GoAnimate haters because they are "uncreative and talentless". As a result, they call grounded video makers GoF*gs because of them using GoAnimate to make grounded videos.