Also known as PoopyGuy Bobby or (Bobby PoopyGuy)
Birthdate February 13, 2000
Likes Dora The Explorer, Caillou, and other Preschool/Baby shows
Dislikes Anything Good
Voiced by Eric, Dallas (Ihatewarren37's version), Wiseguy (Coulden's version)
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Bobbyispoopy is a very bad user, due to a fact that he harasses others users by making videos of him pooping on them. He is age 14 and born on February 13, 2000 and is enough to receive a "red" medal for anything worst, for liking baby shows, the Wiggles, a children's music group, and disliking anything good, such as good users, and likes the infamous UTUBETROLLPOLICE, a union of trolls who sabotage accounts held by good YouTube users, who are, by davemadson, a TTS video maker, banned from LOL-LOL Land, the place where davemadson productions inc. is headquartered. Fortunately he's oblivious to Coulden's presence and also he is addicted to Pacfic Rim for some reason but he is not just poopyguy bobby but also bobby poopyguy and pobbyispeepee!

And he has four best friends: Doratheexplorerrules, NopeComedian,Warren Cook and Eternal Darkness

also he has 4 enimes that are Alan Dampsey,Michael Sitkorski,MinecraftComedian and Section

A user known as Optimus500050 was formerly friends with this user until that he returned to the bright side and became enemies with this user

Bobbyispoopy is also a fan of Miketheknightrocks666